Private Sessions

Private sessions offer an individualized opportunity to work toward your body goals. The sessions are geared to helping you move better and gain more body awareness. You can expect to learn specific postures and movements that you can practice at home. You will be able to apply what you learn to your daily life.

Special Needs

Private sessions for Yoga for Special Needs Children provide safe environment to increase a child’s confidence, coordination, body strength, balance and flexibility. Sessions include song, mantra, yoga games, playfulness and imagination. Children can explore challenges in a supportive and encouraging setting. The benefits last a lifetime.


Private Therapeutic sessions are perfect for people who are in pain and want to get out of pain.  Importance is placed on the client understanding how to breathe and move better. Simple and effective therapeutic movements help the client to progress toward pain free motion and improved body awareness.


“Emily found a way to get my creaky, old body to feel better – no matter how I show up to the session.  I love that I sleep so soundly on yoga night!”

Therapeutic Private Client

“Yoga day is a great day in our home.  My little one gets so excited for her weekly yoga session.  It’s wonderful to see her have so much fun doing something so healthy for her body.”

Parent of Child Client

“I highly recommend my clients to work with Emily.  She takes great care of them and my clients get great results.”

Holistic Health Practioner